What are Collective Actions?

Each member of the Yarn and Yoga Collective is required to participate in at least three Collective Actions during the year. These may be actual or virtual.

A Collective Action is an activity that supports either the Yarn and Yoga Collective as a whole or another member of the Collective. Some examples:

  • Cross-promote the Collective and/or another member’s business in an email blast 
  • Be a “sponsor” for a Collective activity or another member’s event (this could amount to support “in kind”) 
  • Host a class or event on-site on your farm 
  • Team up with other Collective members for special events
  • Supply goods for a Collective sales table at the handspinners’ guild or a local farmer’s market 
  • Sell another Collective member’s goods at your table at a farmer’s market, festival, retreat, etc.
  • Partner with another Collective member (or more than one!) to create a marketable item, such as a knitting project kit or gift baskets.