About the Collective

The Yarn and Yoga Collective is a mutually supportive network of independent farms and small businesses around the southeastern U.S. We share a passion for connecting fiber artisans and enthusiasts to their fibershed in a way that honors the wellbeing of animals, people, and the environment, in the spirit of namaste.

Farming, creating, and practicing yoga offer interlinked ways of restoring and sustaining balance for the earth and its inhabitants, so that all may flourish. The same meditative qualities of calmness, centeredness, and focus that yoga requires are also cultivated in practicing the fiber arts. We seek to explore and strengthen those relationships and common qualities by sharing resources, cross-marketing, and special events.

The Collective was born out of the success of the Southeastern Yarn + Yoga Retreats and the growing community of people, places, and enterprises that have formed out of them. The retreats have provided opportunities for fiber artisans to connect with regional fiber producers and market outlets, illuminating the shared restorative goals of small-scale sustainable farming, the fiber arts, and yoga. We want to build on those connections and shared goals.

The requirements for membership are simple:

  • You must be a small, independent farm or business that supports and contributes to the ethos of the Yarn and Yoga Collective.
  • There is no cost to join in the first year, which we consider a pilot year to test the concept.
  • Provide a description, photographs, and link to online sales (such as an Etsy store or your online shop) for your entity, if applicable.
  • Each member is required to participate in at least three Yarn and Yoga Collective Actions during the year. These may be actual or virtual.
  • Send an email to Allison at aoapoplar@gmail.com committing to joining the collective for one year.