Welcome, Republica Unicornia!

We are tickled pink, purple, blue, green, red, yellow, and all the saturated shades in between to welcome Republica Unicornia to the Yarn and Yoga Collective! Kathleen makes things with love and some swearing in fabulous Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll find lots of rainbows in her gracious land, and if she can put a unicorn on it, she will.

Republica Unicornia is the name of her hand-dyed yarn business, but you will find more than just yarn here. Kathleen believes deeply in transformative power of making as a way to live more fully into our humanity. Connection and community are at the heart of what Republica Unicornia stands for, and you’re invited to join in the conversation. You can find her on Instagram as @republica_unicornia_yarns or as republica.unicornia.yarns@gmail[dot]com.

You will find some salty language in Republica Unicornia, so this is your warning. (All things in the Republica Unicornia are made with love and some swearing, y’all.).

Her Etsy shop is chock-full o’ yarn (HOO the yarn porn!), as well as some fabulous hand-sewn project bags (we covet the one covered in old library circulation stamp sheets), and some sassy enamel pins to go on ’em. You can also find her yarn retailed in Atlanta at The Craftivist in Inman Park.

Another reason we love Kathleen and are so glad to have her in our midst is for her fierce ethical voice and powerful sense of justice and inclusivity. She’s a wee force of nature, and we love her. Check out her blog for more.

Welcome, Kathleen! We are so glad to be in Republica Unicornia!