Last Penny Farm Alpacas

Last Penny Farm was established in 1996 on a beautiful 15 acre farm off the French Broad River in Alexander, NC. After dreaming of having alpacas and beginning the journey with a large Coopworth sheep and Angora goat flock, Susie bought her first alpaca in 2003. Not long after, Erin and Brandon joined the family farm and have become managers, operators, and are now owners along with their two children, Jacob and Sadie.

In 2010 Susie decided to downsize and move the farm to Erin and Brandonʼs location in Weaverville, NC, where it is much more convenient for visitors and growth. LPFA is currently home to roughly 30 alpacas, 2 guard dogs, and 2 mini donkeys. They have focused on building their own herd of colored alpacas with a goal to improve fiber quality, educate others interested in the breed and support the future of the sustainable fiber industry.

They have a breeding philosophy of always breeding up, and by doing this their breeding program is continually successful. Susie is a long time fiber artist and sells many of our processed fiber and yarn locally. She spins, dyes, knits, and has taught classes and demos at several local venues. Erin is an avid animal lover, having experience with horses, sheep, goats, and now alpacas makes her a valuable asset to the farm. She does farm consultations, sells grain and even manure to landscapers, nurseries and gardeners. LPFA is available to help with farm emergencies and general farm management inquiries.

They welcome school field trips and daycare classes, families, church youth groups . . .  anyone interested in learning more or visiting the animals, they look forward to having you come out to visit! Explore the farm, meet some interesting people, get enchanted by these mystical creatures and let them change your life forever!